Tuesday 8 October 2013


Well, I got through yesterday, aches notwithstanding.  The weather stayed fine and the sun came out in the afternoon which was good because it was our Harvest festival down at St. Andrew's Church which involves a pleasant 15 minutes walk each way.  I had loads of lovely parents helping to walk the children there and back which makes it so much less of a worry.
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In the afternoon I was at some 'bereavement training' at the Columbus School which was very interesting although I'm not sure I learned anything new.  At my age I think life has taught me an awful lot about that sort of thing.  We also learned about the Yoyo project, run by our local hospice, Farleigh, and that was also very interesting.  It was the first of two sessions, the second being more about strategies and techniques to help children in bereavement.  That will be in the new year and I'm looking forward to it already.

This morning I was looking around for a recipe for slow roasted pork.  Morrisons had some pork shoulders for half price and, because I have friends coming for lunch on Sunday, I got one.  If any of my readers have a tried and trusted recipe, it would be great if you could let me know via the comments.  Many thanks!

Today I don't have my class for very long - just up to 10:45 after which it is coordinator time and then PPA.  Loads to do today, made worse by the fact that it is consultation evenings next week so I have 28 reports to write plus three targets for each child!  Just short reports, for sure, but it all takes time.  With the weekend rather taken up (bad timing there) I need to get going!!

I need to get going now too - bath, here I come.

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