Sunday 6 October 2013


It was a weird day yesterday.  I think I mentioned that I hadn't slept all that well Friday night.  Part of that was pondering over the fruit salad jam (such a silly thing to have on ones mind) and the other was that I had an increasingly sore throat.
Borrowed from Google Images!
By the morning I could tell a cold was attacking.  I should have known because I was very sneezy on Thursday.  I was achey, shivery and sore throated but never minds, I had a lot to do so that would take my mind off it.  By lunchtime it was quite obvious that it wasn't going to go away by being ignored so I emailed N and asked if she would mind postponing our meal till another day.  She was very gracious about it, thanks, N.  I then decided to make it a weekend of rest and looking after myself so emailed Beth and cancelled today as well.  It's a great relief and I think I shall make today a pj day.

However, by the time I gave in I had made the salsa, the turkey pate and the mince for the lasagne.  The bread was rising too.  So I have stuff to use up, for sure!

The mince made enough for nine portions which was great value as it was half price.  I had some yesterday evening, I will have some today and the rest will go into the freezer.  I do love my savoury, tomato-ey, packed with vegetables mince with added lentils and oats, cooked in a slow oven (that sounds like Hyacinth Bucket!) and it makes a meaty, savoury base for many a dinner or lunch.
I'm not so sure about the pate as the turkey was previously frozen and it has philly in it which doesn't freeze all that well, I believe.  So maybe I will change my breakfast plan and have it on hot buttered toast with the salsa on top.  Sounds good, doesn't it?

I'm under the influence of  paracetomol right now so am feeling sort of OK and I should enjoy the peace and quiet of a selfish me-day.  I have some plums which need using up and last week I bought some gin to make plum gin with.  It's easy - you split the gin into two bottles, bung in an amount of sugar and top the bottle up with snoned plums.  Give it all a good shake every day until the sugar has all dissolved, then leave in a dark place, shaking occasionally for months!  It gets better the longer you leave it.  I've never done this with plums before so am looking forward to the results.

I also have a huge pile of tomatoes so hey for more tomato sauce and in my wonderful 'Let's Preserve It' book there are some intriguing recipes for such goodies as tomato honey, tomato jam and tomato marmalade as well as the more usual tomato relishes and chutneys.

However, if I feel dodgy then I shall be sensible and rest, so much of the above might not actually happen.  We will have to see.


  1. The fruit salad jam sounds amazing, bet that will be absolutely delicious. I had a friend many years ago who used to make sloe gin and it was fabulous, I am sure plum gin will be, too - another great idea of yours! :o)
    So sorry to read that you are feeling under the weather and how wise you are to have as restful a weekend as take great care, keep warm, have plenty of vitamin C and rest (nag, nag) and hope you feel tons better very, very soon!

  2. Yes, ma'am < touches forelock and bows down > LOL
    I think the plum gin will be good too - thinking about the ingredients, it can't be bad really. Should be ready by about February/March. I might keep it for my birthday!
    J x

  3. Sensible sounds a winner!
    Hope you feel better soon
    A x

  4. Thanks. I'm sure I will. :-)
    J x

  5. Hope you feel better soon: there is a very nasty bug going around at the moment. Take care! XX

  6. Thanks, Sweffling. Today has been pretty good and I feel very rested although I haven't needed to sleep like yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow will be fine.
    J x