Tuesday 29 October 2013


Good morning, everyone!  First of all, before I forget, I've started posting recipes into Teacher's Recipes again and the latest is the merry berry cherry jam I made yesterday.  It worked well and will make lovely Christmas presents.

When the storm finally hit, it was pretty scary for a short time and, coward that I am, I kept the curtains drawn in a sort of head-in-the-sand gesture.  It might have helped!!!  Fortunately, very little damage was done round here.  Neighbours lost fence panels and someone's gazebo was blown over and damaged.  My runner beans are now listing to one side.  Apart from that, we were lucky.  Once it had passed I read derisive comments on Facebook about how it was a let down, a damp squib, a storm in a teacup.  My view is that lives were lost, homes have been damaged, trees uprooted as well as more minor losses and I would not call that a damp squib.  Thank your lucky stars it wasn't you who suffered in that way too.  I am sure that the long and considerable warnings we were given helped to reduce the damage as people got their gardens tidied up, moved things that were likely to blow around and cause other damage and generally made preparations 'in case'.  Thanks, George, for taking down the growhouse on Saturday: I'd have lost that, for sure.

I was glad that the worst didn't last all that long and not long after that things were more or less calm with some gusty wind at times and some heavy showers between the sunny times.  I very much hope all my readers who were affected were as fortunate as I.

Today is going to be busy.  My french wondow is being replaced, someone is coming regarding clearing the junk form my garage and I've just read an email informing me that the window cleaner will be round.  Busy times!  Better go and have my bath and get ready then!


  1. I think it's the sheer relief that some areas who experienced the 1987 storm escaped lightly this time.

    We took a number of precautions and were extremely grateful that this time we were very lucky indeed.

  2. I slept through the 87 storm wich was mainly an overnighter, if I remember correctly. That's the joy of being hard of hearing!
    I agree with you that gratitude is an overwhelming feeling at times like this.
    J x