Sunday 27 October 2013


The first busy day of the half term is now over.  There's a week of comparative idleness laying ahead of me now, punctuated by lunches with friends, house repair stuff and general clearing and reorganising.  I want to use the opportunity to start preparing for Christmas - pigs in blankets and roasties in the freezer and probably some of my remaining carrots too, as I usually roast them at Christmas.  Roasted veg looks so nice, taste so good and it's so much easier than boiling them!

Yesterday was wearisome and long but fantastic.  As I have mentioned, Alex organised a birthday party for Beth and took the opportunity to make it a frugal food raiser for the local Food Bank.  At one point we wondered if many would be able to come but in the end there were eighteen of us, although three had to go because the little lad wasn't well at all, poor chappie.  Another time to be glad of the extension and grateful to those whose generosity made it possible.

Al did brilliantly with the food - the tables were absolutely groaning under the weight.  He wisely kept it simple (and as frugal as he could) with sandwiches, scones (he made the scones and they were lovely) with cream and jam, sausage rolls, crisps and a wide variety of home made cakes.  Most people had tea so I was up and down refilling teapots quite a lot.  Beth bought three teapots from a local charity shop very, very cheaply.  Two of them she will re-donating but I have claimed the fourth, a  tall white pot with a lovely pour!  I will donate something to the food bank for it.

Between them, Beth and Alex devised some pencil and paper games, nothing brain aching, just good fun.  I heard peals of laughter as I busied myself in the kitchen.

All in all it was an outstanding success.  WELL DONE, ALEX!!!

And now, here am I, having managed to stay up a bit later last night so only waking at my usual time, even with the clocks going back.  It's pretty blowy outside and I am very glad I got George to dismantle the growhouse yesterday.  The last of the tomatoes has now been dealt with.  It's been such a good year but all good things . . . as the saying goes.  I still have chillies, carrots and parsley and the broccoli and leeks are doing great.  I've left the runners in for now but what's the betting the storm will blow them over!

Stay warm, stay cosy and I hope that whatever the weather has in store for us, all my readers are safe.


  1. Well done Alex on a such a lovely and successful sounding birthday party. And for raising money too! I hope you have a restful but fun week to give your batteries a chance to recharge. That cold/flu virus thing that is going around really takes it out of people. Stay safe in the coming storm.XX

  2. I was so proud of him, you can just imagine!!!
    It's very wet and very blowy here this morning but there are no tiles in the garden - yet! You stay safe too!
    J x

  3. It sounds absolutely brilliant and WELL DONE to Alex - it was a great idea and I am so glad to hear it was such a success!
    Good to hear that you still have vegetables to look forward to - your garden has been incredibly productive this year, hasn't it. :o)
    Hope you are feeling at least a little better now.

  4. He really did well, thanks. Yes, the garden has been great this year and i look forward to more of the same.
    I am feeling a lot better now, thanks. Waking up is a bit rough but once that's over, all is fine! Are you well?
    J x