Wednesday 2 October 2013


Good morning!
Unlike yesterday morning, it is very mild today.  No wonder I woke up to find myself on top of the covers a couple of hours ago.  Perhaps today will be a little warmer throughout than yesterday when it felt a bit chilly out of the sun.  I have a feeling it's very much borrowed time so am trying to make the most of the sunshine and the warmth while it is here.

I posted on the other blog about a turkey leg and how I slow roasted it.  It has proven to be brilliant value, giving me enough for
a pie that has provided six big portions (it was a high pie rather than large in diameter)
three well filled sandwiches for lunches
pate for a meal with a friend on Saturday.  This bit is just in my mind right now as the turkey itself has been frozen, I might make another starter and use it for the main course instead though.

I set myself a bit of a challenge for this meal.  I want to make a three course meal for £2.50 a head, so a fiver in total, excluding drinks.  To do this I will have to make everything from scratch and I will be using garden produce, freebies and value ingredients wherever appropriate.

So far I have planned
Starter:  turkey pate with melba toast and a fresh tomato salsa
Main:  not totally sure but it will be something with pasta, perhaps a vegetable lasagne as the one I made a few weeks ago was really tasty.  With it I could have some sort of salad and some garlic bread.
Dessert:  Autumnal spiced plums and home made custard (I have the plums ready in the freezer or I have some fresh plums that were great value) or perhaps I could use some crumble topping I have in the freezer too.

The costing out will be a bit rough but I reckon it will come to less than a fiver in total. Also most of it can be made in advance.
Any comments, advice will be more than welcome.

In other news, the rest of my life is ticking over nicely.  I got a lot done yesterday in my non contact time, always a very satisfying thought.  Today I have my class all day - nice one.  We need to continue with the apple printing this afternoon, which will be great.  The first results look really good!

And now, looking at the clock, I'd better go and have my bath!  Have a lovely day, gentle readers!

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