Saturday 12 October 2013


Bliss.  I slept until well after five today and, as far as I can remember, didn't wake in the night.  Excellent.  The cold is still having a nibble and breathing is a bit 'tight' but I feel so much better after a good night's sleep.

Again, it was lovely coming home to a very clean house.  There are so many benefits to this and I must stop being influenced by the miseries who imply that I shouldn't buy in help because others can't afford it.  After all, if we lived by that we'd never do or buy anything because there will always be people less able to afford 'it' (whatever 'it' is) than we.
My lovely friend A. spoke a truth when she said (in an email) that if I feel guilty, how can I enjoy it?
How true, such huge common sense.  I've added that to the fact that I am sharing my good fortune around by giving someone a job (or part of a job), encouraging a local company by giving it my custom and taking quite a lot of stress off myself.  I need to enjoy it and I must work on the positive.

Now - if I could motivate myself to doing maybe 30 minutes of clearing up - just half an hour - each day, my home would still be tidy as well as clean.  That's not a lot to ask, surely?  Why do I find it so hard? (no need to answer that)

Another good thing - there's bread a-rising in the kitchen, there's a shoulder of pork a-thawing, there's tomatoes to pick and deal with, a lime cheesecake (except that it isn't cheesecake) to make and, unfortunately, 28 reports to write.
And no house to clean!

Better get started then . . .


  1. Well done Joy you have rationalised correctly that if you didn't employ your cleaner she would be even worse off. I must own up to bottling out today I was feeling rough and the mud would be horrendous. Of course now the sun is shining - talk about sods law....

  2. Sun or no sun, it would still be very muddy. I think you were sensible . . .
    J x