Thursday 24 October 2013


Two days to go - oh, my!  Half a day's teaching, that's all.  This afternoon I am off to a SENCO update course and tomorrow is my SEN day (and a VERY long list of things to do so that will keep me out of trouble).

This may be tempting fate and I have my fingers crossed as I typo, but I think we won't get The Call now until half term.  A biggish school like ours will need more than one day of inspection and even if they phone at lunchtime, there's not enough time.  I hope . . .

It's chilly outside.  I woke briefly in the night to find the room well lit up.  It had to be moonlight as all the street lights were off by then, but I was too dozy to get up and look!!  Clear skies = lower temperatures at this time of year.

We're a right lot of old crocks in Y1.  Both A and I have this virus which, apparently, could go on for a number of weeks - great!!!!  One of our LSAs is also suffering from the same thing and the children are dropping like flies.  Hopefully we are building an immunity and will be fine when everyone else is croaking around the school.  Fingers crossed!


  1. Oh goodness, the virus sounds awful and I am so sorry to hear that so many are going down with it! Hopefully, half-term will help and some rest and relaxation! Here's hoping everything will go smoothly and there won't be any visits before half-term!
    Hope you feel better very, very soon!

  2. Sadly it is that time of the year and you of course are exposed to all that your little one bring in with them. Hope it passes soon and you feel better these winter viruses are miserable.

  3. Well, unless they phone and come in half an hour later (hope not!) we are safe until after half term. It's not nice living with the fear.
    Two more went home yesterday, bless them. I just wonder how many I will have today.
    J x