Wednesday 9 October 2013


. . . and the cold continues to bite.  It's now at the stage where breathing is a bit tight and I wish I could take a day off.  But I can't - two really important (in SEN terms) meeting are scheduled for today, plus a visit from a support teacher and staff meeting after school.  No chance of feeling poorly enough to stay at home with all that going on.

Enough whinge.  As I have those meetings I will be out of class and supply cover is a lovely lady who took my class Monday afternoon and who seems to be on my wavelength - I don't have to go through every detail of planning, she knew what I meant when I mentioned certain things.  So I am easy in my mind.  She also seems to like my class which is a big plus!

Today I am having a school dinner.  Yesterday I had a school dinner.  This seems to be getting something of a habit but it's a darn sight cheaper than going over to Morrisons where one of their sandwiches, a drink and an apple costs a darn sight more than a two course school lunch (and you can have an apple instead of dessert, if you want).  Of course it's dearer than a packed lunch but we won't talk about that!  Today is roast turkey with all the trimmings so what's not to like there?  Last time I had it, it was truly delicious.
I justify this with the argument that I need something sustaining between two meetings but, in fact, I am too lazy to bustle around the kitchen knocking together something that will keep me going through the afternoon and into staff meeting.
So there!

I haven't looked out yet today but hasn't the weather been lovely recently.  A very pleasant Indian Summer with increasingly glorious autumnal colours all around.  I gather the conkers are good too - so they tell me.  The children are starting to bring in handfuls of acorns, conkers, autumn leaves and the occasional daddy-long-legs who was foolish or unfortunate enough to fly in the wrong direction.  The first three I admire, the last I release.  That doesn't always make me that popular - except with the daddy-long-legs race, I guess.

Time for toast!  See you tomorrow!


  1. Yes, you do need something sustaining foodwise and I think the school dinners are a great idea! :o)
    Yes, we have lovely conkers here now, too, but people keep treading on them so I haven't been able to retrieve any! Good of you to let the daddy-long-legs go again, much better out than in, if you see what I mean. :o)
    It's turning colder here today, much to my delight and the wind has really picked up. Like you, we've had a lot of warmth and sunshine, but also warmth and very high humidity which has been thoroughly unpleasant. Not to worry, should be better for the next few days at least. :o)
    Take great care and do hope you start to feel better very, very soon! S.xxxx

  2. When they are such good dinners it seems a shame not to take advantage of them! :-)
    I think it's colder here too. A bit shivery really and I wonder how far off the first frost is.
    J x