Monday 28 October 2013


. . . and the much forecast storm is upon us!  Well, sort of anyway although I gather it will get more stormy as the rush hour approaches.  It's very wet, it's windy and the silver birch in the next garden is being tossed madly hither and thither but, so far, nothing too bad.

I have plans for today, seeing as I'm not going out anywhere.

Firstly I will be making and then freezing the pigs in blankets.  I always do this in half term: it's one of those fiddly jobs that is much better done when you're not in a rush and as I use chipolatas, they can be cooked from frozen.

I'm in the process of making a jam I will call Merry Cherry Berry Jam.  I'm using up some bags of frozen fruit from the freezer - two bags of mixed 'forest fruits', one bag of cherries and half a bag of cranberries.  The other half of the cranberries I will make some sort of cranberry sauce with (and freeze for the festive season).
I hate lots of seeds in my jam so I started by boiling up the mixed forest fruits in a little water and have just pushed the lot through a sieve.  I then added the cherries and cranberries and that's simmering away until all is soft.  Then I will measure, add sugar and so on.  Finally the merry bit will be some cherry brandy.  If it works well I will put the recipe on the other blog which has been sadly neglected in the last week or so.

I have friends round for lunch on Wednesday and I intend to make a nice leek and potato soup with home made rolls, followed by cake - banana bread (I just love that recipe) and a Victoria sponge.  I think I will make the rolls today because I can freeze them and make the rest tomorrow and then freeze any leftovers.

I have a little list of things to tidy and sort.  Just a few things so that it is manageable.  And I have a full ironing basket so I hope that
a)  the power doesn't go off and
b)  there something decent on the telly!

Finally, I have some photos of Saturday to upload and edit.

Now I know I'm supposed to take things easy but most of this is fun, fun, fun!  I love the kitchen stuff and I don't mind the ironing as long as I can watch the telly.  I will be glad to have done some clearing out and editing photos is fun too.  Also, any time I like I can take a break.  Bliss!!

I hope all my readers are safe and that, if you are affected, this storm causes no damage.   Stay dry!


  1. Hope you had a lovely day, Joy - it sounds like you will have done. Yummy to the banana bread, soup and Victoria sponge,as well as to that lovely jam! :o)

  2. It went well and I enjoyed it, once the winds had died down!!!
    Thanks. :-)
    J x