Saturday 26 October 2013


Apologies for yesterday's silence.  It's all been go and, with the cold hanging on, the tiredness and the general yuckiness, the blog took a back seat.  However, it is now Saturday morning, there's a busy day ahead but then the opportunity for a good rest.  Bliss.

First, thought, today . . . Alex is holding a tea party.  There are two main reasons.  First of all, it is Beth's birthday today (Happy Birthday, Beth) and  secondly, he needs to do some sort of fundraising event for his Duke of Edinburgh award.  So he has combined the two and is hoping that those coming will bring a nice donation to the Food Bank, which is his chosen charity.  I was feeling rather stressed about getting all the work done but when I got home yesterday, Beth and Alex were already there moving funriture and generally getting stuff organised.  The cleaner had been too.

Today will be busy but I'm not so worried now.

I just wish this cold would go though.  It's dragging on far too long and it's wearing me out!  Goodness, don't I sound dismal?  Sorry.

Well, I'd better go and do some stuff . . .


  1. I am so sorry to hear that your cold is dragging on for so long, more than understandable that it is getting you down and wearing you out! Maybe taking a day or so off so that you could really recover would be a good idea? I suspect it drags on because you keep going and don't give yourself a chance to heal, as it were. Do hope you will feel better soon!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Beth! What a lovely idea to combine the birthday celebration with a tea party and fund or food-raising! That's super and I hope loads of people will come and bring masses of food, etc with them. Best of luck with that!
    I will nag now....please try and get some proper rest and relaxation, naps, lots of vitamin C and so really need it!
    OK, nag over - have a great day! :o)

  2. Happy Birthday, Beth! (we share it) and good luck to the grand tea party (wonderful idea!)

    Auntie Sonja is worth listening to Joy ;-) , just as well it's half term now ...

    Hope you feel better soon
    Annabeth x

  3. Happy birthday Beth.Sonja and Annabeth are right ( hi ladies from the old OU VS!). Please take care of yourself.

    pS happy birthday Annabeth too!

  4. Happy Birthday, Annabeth. I hope you have had a lovely day.
    Thanks for the advice, lovely ladies. I intend to have a really good rest tomorrow and I doubt I will be going out Monday either, not with this storm that is forecast.
    I think I will probably doze most of tomorrow away! :-)
    J x

  5. Sorry to hear that the miserable cold is lingering they really are a nuisance and make you feel so rotten.

  6. Yes, they do. It's not anything like flu but, in its own way, not nice. However, with a week to R&R and generally get things sorted, it will all be fine. Love the sympathy! :-)
    J x

  7. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, Annabeth, hope you had a lovely day!
    Hi Anne! Lovely to hear from you. :o)
    You were right about the storm, Joy - we drove up to North Yorkshire today and left this morning at 6am from the south of Hampshire - my goodness, we took a hammering from that wind and rain on the M3 and the delays on the roads were absolutely incredible! Trees down, branches all over the place and local flooding, too - incredible. The further north we got, the better it got and I gather that the storm is now on its way to the Netherlands and north-west Germany.
    Hope you have had a super first-day-of-half-term, Joy - your jam sounds wonderful, by the way! :o)
    Have fun everyone!