Friday 4 October 2013


I gather we had some 'weather' yesterday evening.  Thunder, etc.  Not that I noticed because I went early to bed and straight to sleep.  I'm glad it is nearly the weekend although the thought of five weeks in and three weeks to go is quite amazing!

SEN day and still a pile of paperwork.  IEPs galore, letters and management stuff.  Ah well, I am thankful to have the time allocated.  I remember when I had to do the same with NO coordinator time whatsoever.  Now that was tricky at times.

It has been a lovely week.  I think try out time is over and I am established, thank goodness.  The first weeks with a new class can be tricky but it's been remarkably straightforward this year.  Now I am looking forward to the rest of the year with them.

Better get going and finish next week's planning as I have a meeting about it after play today . . .


  1. I would imaging that thanks to having an amazing teacher it is easy for the children to settle into their first experience of school, the happy memories of which will stay with them forever ...

  2. That's ever so kind of you but, in fact, I'm not their first teacher (assuming you meant me) they've already had a year in reception. However I hope I am making a difference. They all seem happy enough anyway!
    J x