Wednesday 16 October 2013


Phew - such a long day yesterday.  I finally got in just before nine and wolfed down a cheese sarnie and checked my emails before going to bed.  Everything went well, all nice comments, so I was happy!

The only problem was that my voice was going and it doesn't appear to have come back today either.  That's a bit of a disaster with a day's teaching and another consultation evening ahead of me but that's the way of things, we will manage, I am sure.  Maybe it will get me the sympathy vote.  < smile >

Apart from that, it was busy, busy, busy all day and jolly cold too.  I thought it was supposed to be warming up a bit!  Maybe today.

The latest thing to catch my eye is slow cooker bread.  I didn't realise you could bake bread in the slow cooker but apparently you can.  It takes a lot longer but that's slow cookers for you.  It would actually give me time to go shopping or something at the same time.

You mix and knead (well, Thermione will!) and then pop it into your slow cooker lined with greaseproof paper and it does a slow rise and bake (two hours).  I'm a bit dubious about the lack of rise-knockback-prove but slow is good for bread.  Anyhow, I am going to try it on Saturday and we will see: if it doesn't work it's not much wasted.  If it does work I have lots of bread to bake over this weekend in preparation for a 'thing' the following weekend so it will be used.  Also, a mum dropped in a bag of flour for me after a chat on Facebook about bread flour of which I was a part.  Very, very kind of her so I must try it out this weekend.  It sounds like it will be a a bake-off weekend for me!

If it works, I will post on my recipe blog!  If it doesn't, I will whinge in here.  :-)


  1. So sorry to hear that your voice has gone, or is going - not ideal in your line of work and with parents' evening, too! . Hope it all goes well! The slow-cooked bread sounds interesting, hope it works well! It's very cold here, too, thankfully, but it is supposed to warm up (again!) by the weekend, so we'll see.
    GET WELL SOON! :o)

  2. Do let me know if the slow cooker works for bread as I will want to give that a try.

  3. No, Sonja, not ideal. It's sort of come back so I'm managing OK though. Thanks.
    Diane, I will let you you know. I'm really hoping it works . . .
    J x

  4. Hope the voice is back soon:) Looking forward to hearing about the bread experiment.

  5. The voice is - er - variable! However, consultation evenings are now all done and over.
    The bread experiment is down as a Saturday essential, taking precedent over such lesser pursuits as washing, ironing, changing bed linen and general sweeping and dusting.
    Watch this space! :-)
    J x