Thursday 3 October 2013

Ooops - so sorry

I read through my morning blog just now and was most embarrassed to realise that most of it is whinge, one way or another.

Things do get to me sometimes, but usually I am very happy to look on the bright side and see my glass as half full, rather than half empty (a top up - oooh, yes please - cheers).

Dunno (well, I do live in Essex) what happened this morning but most of it was dismal stuff.  I didn't feel dismal in any way whatsoever so why I moaned, moaned, moaned is beyond me.  Never mind, tomorrow is another day and today has been really very good.

And the cursor didn't jump once ALL DAY!


  1. Having a bit of a moan is good for you Joy and we don't mind. After all if you can't moan to your friends who can you moan to.