Saturday 19 October 2013


. . . and, of course, because it's Saturday I had to go and wake at three thirty, just because I didn't need to!  A bit of a pain but once the coughs and sneezes were done I felt (and still feel) quite bouncy so I've attached the kitchen a bit and the dough is in Thermione as I type.  Today is 'try slow cooker bread' day so once the kneading is done it's going to be shaped and then popped in the slow cooker to bake, fingers crossed.  It takes around two hours so I think i might pop back up and try to get a bit more snooze or I will be utterly worn out later on and might sleep through Strictly (and that would never do).

I was thinking today would be a totally idle day but Alex is coming to stay the day with me.  Beth has a journey to make and he didn't want to go with her.  However, he's a great lad, he has homework to do and I should be able to laze around and be utterly idle anyway, if I want or need to be.

OK, so now the dough is done, shaped into a nice round ball and popped into the slow cooker on some dampened, crumpled, shaken and smoothed out greaseproof paper.  It's turned to high and I will soon be popping back upstairs to set the alarm for one and a half hours' time before indulging in a morning snooze (I hope).

I'm still not sure.  The lack of a knock back and second rise concerns me but, on the other hand, long and slow is the way to go with bread.  Fingers crossed!

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