Monday 14 October 2013


It felt cold in the night here.  I woke a couple of times, shivered and snuggled under again - I seem to have a talent for throwing off the quilt while asleep!!  The Countryfile forecast said that it will be getting a bit warmer later on in the week in the south which sounds nice.  Delaying the inevitable at this time of year is good!

It's going to be a busy few days, for sure.  Two evenings out (Tuesday and Wednesday/parents evenings) although Wednesday will not be late, plus a myriad of other 'stuff' to get done will take all my time and it makes me tired just thinking about it.  However, there's the promise of half term, a light at the end of the tunnel, to keep me going.

As usual, yesterday was good.  The lunch went well: basically a roast dinner with a few trimmings and a good chat with friends.  The cold (yes, it is still there) has now turned yucky, as they do, and I can look forward to talking to all my parents through sniffs and nose blows.  Ah, well, a sign it's on its way out, for sure.

And now I have to get going!  Plenty to do, as always.  Have a grand day!


  1. Hope the cold is not too much of a nuisance and you have a pleasant if busy day

  2. Thank you :-) It's a cold - they are yucky but not dangerous and, with any luck, having one now means that half term will be clear.
    J x