Tuesday, 26 February 2013


. . . and here I am, all ready for a Victorian Experience Day at Braintree Museum - with the rest of year 1, I hasten to add, before anyone things I am skiving off school.  The Victorian lunch (cheese sarnie wrapped in paper, an apple and two plums) is ready, the sort-of-Victorian costume (a shawl and putting my hair up) is planned, the sick buckets (sorry, gentle readers) are ready, the spare knickers and pants are out of the cupboard and I have ejected the yarn from one of my wicker baskets to hold the lot.  The workbooks are sorted, the spare pencils, sharpeners and rubbers are sorted . . . oh, and the highly un-Victorian digital camera has a fully charged battery and the spare is charging too, just in case!

Braintree Museum
Braintree Museum is lovely and they always give the children a great time as well as teaching them plenty.  We are using this as a springboard for our new theme rather than a conclusion, so they should learn a lot.   It is an old school and the outside as as interesting as the inside - and I bet 99% of people who live locally just walk past it without a second glance, as we all do when something is very familiar to us.

It's just a great shame about the Phonics training in the evening, meaning that we won't get home until around eight thirty.  Thirteen hours without much of a break makes for a very long day!  Truly Victorian, I guess!


  1. Thirteen hours! Hope the weekend arrives quickly for you. Jx

  2. Three more days. I'm so tired!

    J x