Thursday 28 February 2013


After a weary day yesterday and a miserable evening, I slept surprisingly well.  Still feeling tired, just not as tired as last night.   Still feeling miserable (can't be hormones, can it, not at my age) but not as bad as last night.

Tired as I am feeling, I had the energy to make a 'mystery soup' this morning in the new toy.  The TM 'mystery soup' is basically my 'Saturday soup' and I really don't care that it isn't Saturday yet.  Well, I do, sort of, because I'd love it to be Saturday, but it isn't and it won't be for another two days and that's that!

So I followed the recipe (I love the way you grind up the lentils first) and I made my lentil, leek, carrot, parsnip and tomato soup.  It looks loads!  It is tasty.  It was a doddle.  It is vegetarian friendly.   Cheers!

And now I have a lovely big pot of fresh home made soup to take to school and more for tomorrow.  I might even have some this evening too because, after all, it's gotta be used!

So - so far
Lemon curd:  6/10
Soup:  9/10

Now I need to get some more eggs because I want to make custard.  Real custard, maybe chocolate custard.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  And pea veloute because I like the name!


  1. The stock paste is wonderful and well worth making

  2. It's on the list for the weekend as I have to get in a few ingredients. It seems very salty - can one cut down on the salt?
    J x