Sunday 3 February 2013


Wasn't it cold overnight?  It was here anyway.  When the witches (Witches of Pickwick, remember?) strolled along to the Flyer yesterday evening, the skies were clear and the stars were glorious, even in a lit up area like ours.  We might be one road away from the countryside but we don't have the country darkness.  It was chilly then.  However, a few hours later there was frost on the car roofs and we were very glad we had brought coats, scarves and gloves.

A good time was had by all last night.  We chatted, drank, ate and drank, chatted and drank - well, some of us did anyway.  By the time the next round of wine bottles was bought, I'd had more than enough and got a diet coke instead!  I really can't take it like the youngsters!  Old age!
They don't take bookings at the Flyer and when we turned up, the place was packed.  It wasn't long though before one table was empty and then another and after about half an hour our favourite round table in the corner was vacated and we whizzed over there.  And there we stayed all evening until the lights were dimmed and there were several not-terribly-subtle hints about closing up.
I've never managed to last out a whole witches' evening before so was quite pleased with myself.  It was fun but not something to do too often, I think, especially when one is an early waker (just before six today is comparatively late, but it is Sunday!).

Earlier in the day, inspired by the fact that I have a dear friend coming to stay for a few nights this week, I gave the kitchen a good clear out.  I need to tackle the fridge today - there's something in there that doesn't smell so sweet: probably something in the vegetable line.  There are some old veggies in there so I feel a soup coming on.

I've nearly finished the Christmas throw!  The plain edging is taking ages, as it does, but we're getting there.  Inspired by this and armed with a 10% discount code, I went back online to Deramore's and ordered copious amounts of blue toned cheapo yarn and a book about granny squares.  The project is to make a bed cover for one of the beds in the spare room and, if that goes well, one for the other bed.  The book was a bit of an impulse buy.  I saw it in Hobbycraft last weekend and nearly bought it then so when I saw it again with granny squares in mind, I just fell for it.  As mentioned, the main colour is going to be blue but I also ordered some muted bluey-pinks and some purples and lilacs and some creams and greys.  Just one ball of each for now and see how it goes.  It's going to take for ages, isn't it
I also got yarn for a cardigan I want to make and some yarn and a pattern for a teddy bear hat.  No, not for me!!  R over the cul-de-sac had a baby a year ago and I didn't get anything then, knowing that she was swamped with gifts.  This will be my gift - better late than never!
So there's enough projects to keep me going for a while to come.  I'm quite excited about the bed cover but wonder how long the enthusiasm will last!  We will see!

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