Thursday 7 February 2013


Wasn't it cold yesterday?  It was here anyway. I gather the actual temperature wasn't close to zero but, with that biting wind, it felt shockingly cold.  I felt for my colleagues on playground duty (but not enough to offer to do it for one of them!).
I think there's a frost now so the wind must have does down quite a lot, thank goodness.

My friend duly arrived yesterday evening.  Not long after six I got a text to say that the train was due in at seven so off I set, braving the traffic around the station (it's an awful bottle neck there) and doggedly refusing to move on (not that I could anyway) until A turned up.  Then it was home, James, to fish and chips that were baking in the oven (while I picked A up) and a good natter.  I haven't seen A for a couple of years at least, although we exchange very regular messages by email, so it's a sheer delight to have her staying for a few days.  Such a shame about work, isn't it!  :-)

Today I am actually doing some teaching.  Yes, I am.  All afternoon too (apart from story time, I think)!  Wow.  I shall have to get used to it because it's back to whatever passes for normal around here on Monday because K finished her school experience on Friday.  She will be missed.  Thanks, K.

So here's a bit of a countdown.
Two days till K leaves
Three days till I have Al for the day
Five days till my class is my own again
Seven teaching days until half term
Fourteen days until I have my Thermomix demo.


  1. I shall watch this space with interest

  2. Have a great time, there's nothing like catching up with a good friend!

  3. We've had a lovely time, thanks, Annabeth.
    Diane, I will certainly keep you informed. if I do buy, I will want to pick your brains, please!
    J x