Saturday 2 February 2013


. . . again!
Did you realise that Thursday was a palindromic date?  31-1-13  It reads the same forward and backward.  That's my bit of useless information for the day!  You really wanted to know that, didn't you?

I got loads done yesterday.  I did an analysis of the SEN register, sorting by whole school with percentages, by types of need and by class.  Very interesting (honestly, it was) and helpful when thinking of general provision.  I did it really in order to see that types of need were matched by provision and whether there are any gaps.  We have an SEN register, but you can't see the more general picture very easily.
Then I got on with some important paperwork that will need to be completed in a fortnight's time.  If I don't start it now, it won't be ready!  And between times, at play and lunch, I sorted out violin entries, wrote receipts, analysed the day's spelling checks and generally got a fair bit organised.
And then S (the other SENCo) came round to my little corner and we discussed the analysis before I took it to the head.
And between all of that I said 'hi' to individuals in my class, listened to worries and happies, thought about next week's work and generally made myself useful.
I slept well last night!

Today I need to go back into school.  Things have got a bit upsy downsy with two teachers in the class, and there's stuff that needs doing before I go doolally over it.  I need to file resource sheets away before the pile topples over and creates mayhem!  At home it's the usual Saturday stuff.  I'm not sure whether George is coming over - I *think* it's raining at the moment but I can't be bothered to get up and check right now.

You can tell winter is on the way out now, whatever she may have for us in the way of a final fling.  Suddenly the snowdrops have all popped up and also when I came home from school around five yesterday it was still light!  Lovely.

It's a bit out of focus, sorry!

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