Tuesday 19 February 2013


Second day in already.  Time is flying.  It's jolly cold outside this morning and the car is all frosted up.  Still, I won't be needing it until this evening so no problems!

I've updated the potato soup recipe, which can be found here.  Well worth making; it is absolutely delicious.

Yesterday I got stuck into a bit of kitchen tidying and then I worked on my bed cover.  It's going to take forever but will look good when it is finished, I think.  Each square takes only a little time but the cumulative effect is much longer, of course.  Never mind, I did another row of them and part of the next row.  I will have to order some more yarn at some point (this isn't going to be exactly cheap) so I must remember to keep the ball bands and a sample of each colour sellotaped to it.
Sewing the ends in and using a join as you go technique is definitely going to make a big difference.

Today - well, a bit more housework is the main aim.  I really am terribly lazy where housework is concerned.  I must also do some ironing.  The trouble with these activities, admirable as they are in themselves  is that they take me away from the crafting and this is my prime directive over half term.  I have to do something though - the place is a dogs dinner and I have a friend coming over on Thursday followed by the Thermomix demo lady (so the kitchen has to be spotless - as spotless as it can ever be, anyway).

I don't think I will get a row done today!!


  1. Wow, it's making rapid growth! I agree with the tidying loose ends as you go technique. There is nothing worse than having a mountain of darning in at the completion of the project, seems to take forever.

    Can't recommend it with garments though as I tend to make mistakes which need unravelling :(... Experimenting with an upside down sweater (starting from the top with circular needles) at the moment and there will be loads of darning in as 50g balls of wool; at least I won't have any seams to stitch. :)

  2. Well, I've already made some mistakes with the pattern but I'm just ignoring them! :0)
    A circular sweater? Wow, I bet that's taking for ages!

    J x