Wednesday 13 February 2013


I like blogs.  I like them very much.  I like the insight they give me into the mind and the life of other people more interesting that I.  When I come across a new blog that I like, I save it as a favourite and try to revisit it regularly (if not frequently).

I haven't visited some of 'my' blogs for a while so, over the last few days, I have been going a-visiting.  What has dismayed me is how many formerly lively and interesting blogs now seem deserted, empty, with no messages for months, sometimes over a year.  Like my Food Diary blog until a few days ago, in fact, although I haven't left it for as long as a year.
It leaves me wondering how the owners are, whether life has hit them a very hard blow, whether they are still around at all in fact.  It can be a worry.
I makes me realise how involved I get in the lives of others, in a very quiet way, and how much I worry when things go silent.  Silly?  Maybe, maybe not.  Who can tell?  Not I.

Yesterday I drove my car to work and left it in the school car park all day.  When I came out at the end of school and post-school work I found that the snow that had been firmly on the roof had - er - moved.  i actually looked quite dramatic.

There's a fair bit of overhang there, don't you think.  Almost an avalanche's worth!

I made another Yorkshire pudding yesterday, a bigger one, like a bowl, into which I piled some of the Sunday beef and some veg and gravy.  It was wonderful.  I've posted the recipe on my other blog blog with due credit to the wonderful Delia,
You can get there using this link.


  1. Yorkshire pudding is one of my favorites and you are dead right the use of beef dripping makes a big difference. Apparently they used to cooke the pudding under the joint so that as it cooked all the meat juices would flavour the pudding.

  2. There's be no gravy then. I do love my gravy! :-)
    J x

  3. That's an impressive snow picture! Looks like it shouldn't be possible ;)

  4. I know what you mean! I got a shock when I saw it and was glad I had my camera with me. It was similar yesterday after staff meeting but it's all gone now.