Monday 18 February 2013

Monday: photos

They're none of them very good as the light was bad most of the time, and I won't be showing any of Beth and Alex, but here we go!

I went prepared!

No, I didn't take it to the wedding!  I was very glad to have something for my hands to do before and after though!  Two rows of squares completed now.

I was somewhat envious of her photographic equipment!  But, to be fair, I wouldn't have a clue how to use it.

Beth's flowers.  The flowers were just lovely!

Just playing about!

Lace on the bride's dress.  It was beautiful.

The happy couple - and they were VERY happy!

The reason for the bad lighting - but they looked fab.

When I did the OU photography course, they said one must keep ones eyes open for a good shot at all times.  This is a wood pile, seen as we walked back from the church to where the car was parked.  I love the pattern.  I'd like an inside wall make of logs like that!

The table.  It was super.  The hyacinths in pots were for the ladies at the table to take home afterwards, there were things for the children, there were quiz cards, puzzles, play dough . . . we had good fun making animals with the playdough between soup and main course.

No caption needed here.


  1. I do like the woodpile picture Joy - the others are great too, but that is very attractive.

  2. Nice pics Joy are you sewing your squares or crocheting them in?

  3. I rather like the woodpile one too, Juliesmum. I'm going to crop it and use it as my top photo. It was a lucky spotting - we walked back to the car park a different way than we came. If we'd gone the same way back we'd not have seen it.

    Diane, I am joining then as I do the last round. It showed me how in the book I ordered and it seemed such a good idea. That and sewing the ends in as I go means that there will be very little extra to do at the end - always a Good Thing!

    J x