Tuesday 5 February 2013

Tuesday evening comment!

As anyone who comments on my blog will realise, a while ago I removed that annoying capcha (is that the right word) thingy that tells you to prove yourself a human through and through while demanding that you reproduce letters and numbers that only those with robot eyesight can possibly identify.  I am sure that blessings were heaped upon my head by my oh-so-grateful readers.

Since then I have, from time to time, been bombarded with spammy stuff, most of which ends up in the spam folder, not on my blog (apologies for the few that have escaped), indicating that Blogger's safeguarding isn't all that bad really.

Each evening I check the comments folder (some comments attach to very old entries but show as newly made) and delete all the spam.    Mostly there's nothing but sometimes there's quite a lot.  The comments that end up in there have given me some private chuckles, not the least because many are such appalling, toe-curling translations from whatever the original language was.  For example, did you realise that I am the 'queen to the blogs' and that what I write is 'meritorious of all the world'?  How's that for buttering up, eh?  A shame they then want me to visit their blog entitled 'Saturday Casino', Big Tits (sorry), or Money Lending Maestro (OK, so I made that last one up), isn't it?
I wonder who they think they are kidding!

I've deleted the latest lot but will try to remember to share my amusement with my readers, when appropriate!  After all, why turn down a good laugh in this day and age?

And if anything really nasty does get through by accident, I would be very grateful if you would let me know, just in case it slips through my daily net.  Thanks.

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  1. I wouldn't say they are problems, Joan, in fact they have given me a number of giggles! :0)
    J x