Wednesday 20 February 2013


Amount of crochet done:  1 complete row and a few more (vg)
Amount of housework done: hardy any (d)

And it is dreadful too.  I am gritting my teeth and getting going today.  I shouldn't live in this mess!!!  Perhaps if I use a payback system - half an hour's housework = one granny square . . .
In my defence, yesterday I wasn't feeling so great.  Aches and shivers.  Beth and Alex popped over and Beth had been feeling like that Sunday and Monday so maybe we had the same thing.  Anyway, today feels better so here's hoping.

I also need to go shopping.  It's the demo tomorrow and there are some food items I need to get.  Also I have a visitor over for lunch (tomorrow) and I've decided to make leek and potato soup, for which I need leeks!

I shall get going at eight and get everything done < gritting teeth in a determined fashion >.  Yes, I will!!

Not mine, of course, but I found this at

Mine will be nicer (of course) and will have an edging to finish it off..  
Interesting to note that it says it takes about 35 hours of hard work to make one.  Mine's going to take longer than that!  My squares are smaller and I guess this one is made with chunky or whatever it's called in the States - thicker than DK anyway.
Also, it costs $250 - wonder what that is in pounds.  Not a lot per hour, that's for sure.

Isn't it lovely though?


  1. What a surprise I thought you had finished the throw!!!!

  2. LOL - not a chance, Diane!!! I expect it will be at least Easter and possibly longer. It's taking for ever, even when I can give it more time.
    Mind you, I'm already planning the next one - hexagons next time!
    J x

  3. Wow, that's a beauty!
    Had me worried, thought you were talking about one of these toilet roll ballerina covers!!!
    The Afghan throws are beautiful, approx £325.....(65p a dollar!)

  4. Thanks, Annabeth. I don't think I would make one for that - it's really not much per hour after you have taken out material costs. They are lovely, I know, but the one in the photo is only what I'm doing without any edging and only in three colours. And the squares are bigger - my width is 12 squares and it's for a single bed, admittedly with a good overhang.
    I wonder how long it would take if that's all I did . . .

    J x

  5. I like your colour combination better. It's not how long it takes, but the pleasure and relaxation in doing crochet that makes it so worthwhile; not forgetting the 'high' of the finished result. Well done! Jx

  6. I totally agree, Joan. I am very much enjoying the making.
    J x