Tuesday 5 February 2013


I have time this morning!  Again, sorry about yesterday: I don't miss the morning message very often.

Yesterday was made good with the arrival of my yarn order.  Ordered on Saturday, arrived on Monday, free postage.  Now that really cannot be bad, can it?  The book about granny squares wasn't what I expected.  I though it was patterns for lots of different granny squares but it was a book of projects you can make with granny squares.  Nice, all the same.  I should have looked more carefully, I guess.  However, as I said, some of the projects look good fun and I am sure I will be making them in time.

What with meetings and paperwork, I was kept busy yesterday, despite K doing most of the teaching.  There's still a bug going round the class - going round the school, in fact.  Five away and another sent home. I suspect that's what I had over Christmas, complicated by worn-outness and a sinus problem too.  It makes a right mess of the planning because a series of lessons is just that - miss one and it makes things very tricky. Ah, well, it is certainly giving my student a taste of what it is like in real life rather than the rarefied picture painted in uni.  There's nothing wrong with being taught how it *ought* to be, just as long as one understands how it *really* is at times!  K is certainly learning that!

When I got home I looked at the two projects I have on the go right now, looked at my lovely new stash of tarn - and started the bed cover.  I got seven squares done which is about half of one across-the-bed stripe so only about another 200 or so to go!!  The book shows a 'join as you go' method and I always sew in the ends after each square is finished so once all the squares are done I won't be faced with all of that, I can go straight on with the edging.  I have just two rules.  One is that the edging colour of one square becomes the centre colour of the next square and the other is that each square must have at least one blue on it.  Apart from that, it is random and we will see how it goes.

I also ordered some lovely light, incredibly soft, fluffy yarn to make a little hat for the baby over the road.  I didn't make anything for her when she was born because she was inundated with gifts, so now's the time!  It won't take long, just an evening.

And now I'm off to Google for some different granny squares.  The info has to be out there, somewhere!

(added a bit later because I forgot to send)
Now isn't this cute?  And the pattern is there, WITH photos.  Brilliant!  And I have appropriate colours!
Do you think it would work to pop a few on my bed cover, in random spots?  *thinking about it*


  1. Good idea, thank you! He is lovely, isn't he? One for this weekend, I think.

  2. Ah that is very cute! And are owls still your favourite? I still think of your like for owls even now when I see ones in the shop!