Saturday 23 February 2013


Morrisons had little pots of mini daffs reduced to 50p per pot.  I bought some and they are cheering up my downstairs.  The lovely thing is that I can then put them out in the front bed where they will give pleasure for years - a great way to spend a few 50ps.

Wasn't it cold yesterday?  It certainly was around here;  little pieces of snow flying around aimlessly most of the day, without having any purpose or determination, not enough to settles but too cold to melt.  I had to turn out late morning to pick up a parcel and was mighty glad to get back home and into the warmth again.  The rest of the day was spent crafting, reading and generally chilling out with a few idle and gentle moments in the kitchen concocting dinner from leftovers - and very tasty it was too.

The Thermomix demo on Thursday was fascinating.  It is a very different way of doing things at first glance and yet perhaps not so different after all.  It does take the chore out of mundane things such as standing beside a pot, stirring 'continuously' for half an hour (not that I usually bother with such time consuming stuff) and those controls that look so very complex are actually a lot more intuitive than they seem at first glance although one has to be organised!.  I'm looking forward to making a whole load of things that I've hardly bothered with before because they are time consuming plus other stuff that I do make and which looks 'good', including real custard, a variety of risotto, lemon curd (I know I make that already in the microwave but I want to have a go in Thermo) and a whole range of soups including the intriguingly named (at least it is to me) pea veloute which just looks like posh frozen pea soup! - and that's just a start!  And I really want to have a go at Diane's stock paste!  It sounds so useful.  And make my own gram flour . . . and icing sugar . . . and . . .    Diane - what's it worth a newbie trying, please?

Today - well, today I need to work, sadly.  Whether I do or not is another matter, but there's work to get done before Monday.  I think I must brave the cold and get myself into school (and it will be flippin' cold in school) to get some stuff organised.  And before I go I must make a list or I will forget something crucial.  How boring!

It's been a good half term break.  Some things I planned to do were postponed, unavoidably, but it gave me more space.  I feel I've had a reasonable rest, the kitchen is clean and tidy (yay) and I'm up to date with the ironing (double yay). After today I won't be, of course, that's the pain of ironing, but never mind, at least it is not pile on pile.  That can only be good!


  1. 50p a pot and aren't they lovely? Glad you enjoyed half term.

    Thermomix sounds interesting - I must investigate. I wonder if it would help me combine cooking with other tasks (like working!)

  2. It's super but be warned - it is very, VERY expensive. I'd never have bought it without the legacy from Auntie May.
    I'm sure I will keep mentioning it so keep looking!

    J x