Saturday 9 February 2013


. . . and it's jolly cold but not frosty, as far as I can tell.  I've been informed by several people that we might get snow tomorrow or Monday (or both) but I'm not holding out much hope really.  I love snow, as you know, but this is not the place to live if you want substantial falls of the stuff.

So it's the weekend.  Lovely.  Today I have Alex all day while Beth goes to a tutorial, so I have planned a fairly substantial lunch for him.  Sausages in a sticky sauce, chips and beans with chocolate sponge to follow. That should go down a treat!  Then, if they come round tomorrow, it's roast beef of some kind with roasties and veg and I may even splash out on some Yorkshire puds - I haven't had a good Yorkshire pud for ages.  In fact, it makes me feel hungry just thinking about it, slurp, slurp.

The crochet is going well.  I've nearly finished one row (width) of granny squares so the bed cover should be finished the Christmas after next!!  I had a go at the owl and got the hang of it, although it wasn't very good - first efforts often aren't, have you noticed?  And as if I haven't got enough projects on the go, I started a little hat as requested by Beth, just to see what it's like.  I might get that finished today and if Beth doesn't want it, it won't be wasted.  I might even get round to taking some photos.

Then there's the usual weekend stuff that I always intend doing and sometimes don't.  Washing, ironing, bed changing, cleaning, dusting, etc . . .   It would be great to have a maid but I doubt my conscience would give me much peace if I did!

Better go and see what veg I have in the fridge for the weekend soup.  When it is cold and bleak, a good vegetable soup just hits the spot!  I'll be back!

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