Saturday 9 February 2013

Back again

I looked and I had some very manky sweet potatoes (but usable - just), onion (of course), one and a half parsnips (also manky), ordinary potatoes and some squishy tomatoes.

So I peeled (discarding manky bits, obviously) and bunged the lot in a pan with some garlic puree, two good handfuls of red lentils (I LOVE lentils in soup), some pepper, some marigold, some garlic puree and a spoonful of korma paste for a bit of zip, topped up with some w ater and it's now all simmering gently on the hob.

When - er, I mean IF - I get the thermomix, that's the sort of thing it will be used for a lot - it does the zizzing at the end too, without any need to make more washing up.

Now I need to go veg shopping.

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