Friday 15 February 2013


Last day of the half term today.  Also SEN day so I'm not actually taking my class.  It doesn't stop them coming over to me as I beaver away on the laptop just outside my bay (open plan, so it's easy for them) to ask me questions and to tell me about things.

I've just put in another wool order to Deramore's.  Since I changed my pattern for the bed cover, I realised that I am going to need a lot more of one particular colour.  I started the order last weekend and didn't finish it.  As a result, I got an email from the company wondering why I hadn't completed the order and with a 10% discount voucher to encourage me to come back and buy.  The cover itself is going great guns.  I've finished the first row and and am now on the second row.  I think it is going to look really lovely when finished and I suspect I will then be hankering after making another for the other bed, same colours, different design or same design, different colours.  I wonder which would be best - the former, I suspect, but I have time to ponder that one!

A friend is expecting a baby and I think I am going to make a hexagonal blanket.  Joan sent me a lovely pattern for a hexagonal Afghan which I could adapt to suit or I could make smaller ones and arrange in the traditional hexagonal patchwork design.  I just need to know what colours - bright or pastel - she would prefer.  There's bags of time as the baby isn't due until the summer.

And now I need to go and get ready for school.  It's an early start today as I have to pop to the garage to fill up with petrol first, before the roads get too busy.

I took this using the zoom on my camera.  These trees are really right on the horizon.


  1. Hope you'll post some more pix of your crochet work. It's lovely to see them. Enjoy your well-deserved half term break. Jx

  2. I will, as and when, thanks, Joan. It feels good knowing there's nine days of time to do things when I want to do them! Lovely!

  3. Hoping the hours and days are rich with fulfillment for you. Jx

  4. So kind, thank you very much.
    J x