Tuesday, 24 April 2012


What a miserable day it was yesterday!  Well, to be fair, it was OK until lunchtime and then it started raining and doesn't seem to have stopped yet.  Playtime yesterday afternoon was indoors and, unless something dramatic happens, it looks as if today will be the same.  I do three playground duties one week and four the next, last week they were all wet playtimes and this week looks like going the same way.  I blame the hosepipe ban myself.  It wasn't like this until that happened!

A good start to our new theme with six children away!!   Ho hum.  That means I will need to recap. on the essential stuff covered yesterday, which will be a right pain for those children who were there.    A bit of a nuisance really!  I had to laugh though - our first investigation involves  keeping two petri dishes in the dark.  Could I find the box I used last year anywhere?  No, I could not.  I ended up getting the chamber pot out of the cupboard to invert and cover.  It does look rather amusing but where has that box gone?

Today it is sticks of celery in coloured water to see what happens to the water!  Should be - er - fun!

And I am now officially old and can get free eye tests and, I think, prescriptions.  The eye test bit is fine but seeing as I very rarely trouble the GP anyway, the other will be an occasional benefit (I hope). 

Right, now where did I put that zimmer?

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