Saturday, 21 April 2012


Weekend!!!!!  Yessssssssssssssssssssss . . .

Yesterday was SEN day and I got things done that have been hanging fire for ages so that was a great relief.  Particularly good was the afternoon when I had an informal 'meeting' with one of our LSAs to discuss and write an IEP.  I felt it was highly successful and we came away with a very useful and relevant piece of paperwork, which isn't always the case although I do try very hard to make it so.  Education is obsessed with bits of paper, you know.  Yes, it's all worked out on screen but then you have to print out multiple copies of everything to scatter around.  Paperless office?  Huh!!!  They don't believe you unless it's all on a bit of paper!

One of my little dears gave away a secret.  She was chatting about her holiday (her family is going away for a few days over the weekend) and suddenly segued into talking about a surprise for me on Tuesday - 'a nice surprise, Mrs Clark, do you like nice surprises?'  I almost said 'I like naughty surprises' but remembered to whom I was talking and did the conventional thing.  So I have that to look forward to, whatever it is! 

There's nothing specifically planned for today, thank goodness.  George is coming, unless it rains, in which case he isn't coming. 
The snails are crawling back from wherever they went to over winter and have started to attach my hostas, so I'm afraid I will have no mercy!  Slug pellets!  You think they'd learn, wouldn't you?
I'm trying a couple of new recipes, which I will tell you about if they are OK.  One's from one of those freebie mags I mentioned earlier and the other is from BBC Easy Cook.
I hope to finish off R's sock which means lots of sitting with the telly on.  Oh, the hardship! 
And I suppose I need to do some housework at some stage.  I have guests next weekend so I can't procrastinate for much longer.

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