Thursday, 26 April 2012


Well, blow me down, after a night of howling winds and lashing rain, I have just looked out to see that the clouds are clearing, the rain has stopped and there's a blue sky.  Not only that but the iGoogle forecast says only 'chance of rain'.  You never know, maybe we will get our playtimes today.

Yesterday, being Wednesday, was library day.  We are very lucky: as we have our local library sharing the same roof as the school, once a fortnight every class has a session in the library.  The little ones find and read books to themselves or to each other, finishing with a story from Jenny, the librarian, while the older ones start to learn library and research skills.  My library time clashes with outdoor play in the afternoon so the children miss play.  However, as they had been stuck in for much of the day, the rain had cleared and the sun was shining, I took my class out for ten minutes of run around before going to the library.  And they were much calmer, settled and engaged in the library than they usually are.  I think I'm going to do the same thing each time it's library.  They obviously need that little break beforehand.

Yesterday turned out to be a special day for the school.  One of our parents is a policeman and will be escorting the Olympic torch as it travels through this area.  Yesterday he brought the torch to school, took two assemblies (one for the Infants and one for the Juniors) to talk about it, show a film about the concept of the Olympic torch and then bring it round to each class so that all the children could hold it and have their photo taken.  They were all thrilled to bits.  It's a lot heavier than I would have thought and anyone running with it needs a very strong arm indeed!

On Tuesday, as I said yesterday, I received an invitation from the family to a birthday celebration lunch.  It's at the South Lodge Hotel which looks lovely from the web site.  If the weather's anything like, we can wander around the grounds too.  I'm getting quite excited about it now!  Roll on the weekend!

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