Monday, 23 April 2012


Having looked outside, it seems completely dry right now, although the forecast is rather bad for today - lots of rain, it says.  We shall see but I do hope that it will be OK at key points in the day, such as playtimes and hometime. 

Yesterday was a good day.  The lasagne was scrummy (more of that later), I finished one sock and started its partner, I got some tidying, etc, done and the planning is now all printed out, which is a good feeling!

I was rabbiting on about my yogurt maker yesterday.  I forgot to add that it's very forgiving - I put it on yesterday morning and then forgot about it until now and the yogurt is lovely - thick and good!  I'm not sure how long one could leave it going for but 22 hours is definitely a lot longer than the instructions indicate.  Ooops.

Well, that modified lasagne worked well.  The tomato sauce was a variety of veg cooked in passata.  I added lentils, Marigold stock, herbs and seasonings, tomato puree . . . I think that was about it - and it came out flavoursome and thick but also sloppy (we all like sloppy lasagna).  I was able to use less sheet lasagne than the recipe indicated because of the shape of the dish.  The cheese sauce was also good: I never make it the roux way now, I mix the grated cheese with cornflour and add it to the milk when it comes up to the boil, then season.  Less fat and it's delicious.
So it was far from authentic in any way, but it did taste great and it all got eaten up, DD and DG doing the final honours between them.  We just had it with a simple salad and the whole meal came together so well.  Definitely one to do again but my way, not the recipe in the booklet.  Boo to Weightwatchers for sacrificing taste for lower calories.  Actually, to be fair, I didn't try their idea for a sauce and one day I will.  It might have worked fine, it just doesn't sound very cheesy.  I'm afraid the tomato sauce was just dire.

Next weekend I have a houseful.  All the spare beds will be in use.  Saturday's meals are all sorted and organised for me so I only have to think about Sunday.  I think I will keep it simple and as make-ahead as I can.  At the moment my thinking is another dish of the lasagne (it really was good) as the vegetarian dish, some home cooked ham slices (I have a gammon joint in the freezer) and a large mixed salad.  With it, I can serve crusty rolls and some cheese with a fruit platter.  Nothing too challenging and there's bound to be some ham left over for tea and for school lunches the following week.

Today we start our Jack and the Beanstalk theme.  Last week was a science week to catch up on 'forces', for which time ran out last term.  Today it is 'what do seeds need to germinate?'  Exciting stuff, yes?  Yes, it is!!!

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