Thursday 12 April 2012

Thursday morning

Four days to go, that's all, and then it is back into servitude.  I've enjoyed this holiday.  Apart from anything else , it's the first one in a while when I haven't felt unwell and disinclined to do anything but sit and whinge.  This one has been much better, thank goodness.

Yesterday was a culinary day.  If you've read my other blog you will know that it was chickpea day and I made some hummus for lunch and some patties for dinner, both more or less successfully, the patties better than the hummus.  You get such variety in the hardness of pulses and this particular carton had fairly bullet like chickpeas that didn't really mush properly.  I really ought to cook my own, that way I'd have more control.  Anyway, the hummus wasn't as smooth as I like, but the flavour was OK.  The patties were great - really scrummy and tasty and the texture of the peas was just right for that.

Then I tried the banana fool and although it tasted good I'm afraid it did separate a bit before I get round to eating it.  That's the trouble with using whisked egg whites.  I did freeze some portions so I will find out what's happened there as and when I eat them.  I also froze some of the cheesecake and will report back as and when.  Bet you can't wait - this blog is so exciting at times!!!!  (not)

To make the fool I needed some instant low cal custard.  Now I know - it's a bit urghhh, but when it's just me and I want a bit of custard, what's a girl to do?  Instant is the only sensible way to go because you can make just enough for one.  Anyway, I thought I had some but didn't, so off I went to Morrisons and treated myself to some mags while I was there.  One of them was a craft mag and inside there is the loveliest pattern for some knitted bunny booties to which my immediate reaction was 'I HAVE to make these'.  Fortunately, a friend is having a baby in the summer so there's my excuse.  It's double knitting yarn, of which I have plenty stashed away, so I can try with that, get the feel for the pattern and then get some good yarn to make them as a gift.  And if they're not as cute as the picture indicates, well, there's no loss.

Yesterday I was muttering about recipe books for one.  I went onto Amazon and it appears that there are a few, including the Delia book I mentioned yesterday.  One of them looked quite good and I may buy it at some point.  But I may also start a folder of 'one' recipes, when I find them, too.   Every little helps, as the saying goes.

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