Friday, 13 April 2012


This is not a new recipe, far from it.  Mum used to make this for us when I was a wee one.  I may even have posted this recipe before.  My lunch time guest today really liked it so I thought I'd share it.  It can be made in advance and kept, covered, in the fridge

Ingredients, per person (if you're feeling very hungry)
2 eggs (or one, if it's for a light meal)
a dollop of mayo
some finely grated cheddar (don't need a lot)
seasonings and herbs as wanted - I don't use salt but I do pepper and sometimes I mix in fresh chives and/or sprinkle over some paprika.

Hard boil the eggs.  Shell and cool them.
When cold, cut each egg in half and spoon the yolk into a bowl.  Place the whites on a plate or in a small serving dish, cut side up.
To the yolk, add a small dollop of mayo (the light version is fine), the grated cheese and any seasonings desired.  Mix well, mushing the yolk as you do so.
Spoon the mixture back into the whites and sprinkle over a little extra cheese if desired.  Cover and chill until needed.

Serve on a bed of shredded lettuce or a selection of leaves, accompanied by other salad veg.

No photo, I'm afraid.

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