Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wednesday morning

It was a very pleasant day again yesterday.  DG arrived mid morning and first of all we set off for Matalan where I bought him some socks as DD had requested - rather a lot of socks, as it happened, because we couldn't decide and they were very inexpensive and, let's face it, a teenager can't have enough pairs of socks, can he?   I also got him a pair of track suit bottoms that were there, very cheap and fitting well.  For me, there was a skirt and a cotton cardigan and a cheap bag as my everyday one is wearing very thin.
Then it was off to the Flyer where I gave myself indigestion with cheesy chips while DG filled himself up with cheeseburger and the trimmings.
Finally we ended up in school and I got the old display down, the new (rather arty 3D) display up for next term, sorted out the table boxes and replaced the old crayons and pencils with new ones.  To avoid waste, the old crayons and pencils all went into a couple of trays already for that purpose which the children use when they are 'choosing'.
There's rather more to do but the display was the most time consuming and the one that I really wanted to get done before the start of the term.  I don't like it when the children come in at the start of a new term to blank display boards or, even worse, displays from the previous term.  That's just one of my little peculiarities, not a criticism of anyone else, I hasten to add.
The lettering that I worked hard to make, laminate and cut out looks good apart from one think - I am missing a 'c' so it reads 'Ja k and the Beanstalk' at the moment.  I'm sure I did a 'c' but perhaps it got thrown out with all the cut-offs and snippings.  Never mind, it won't take long to make another one.

Pretty, aren't they?  This went in last year.
As for today, well, I had planned to potter in the garden again this afternoon but, unless the weather improves, I can't see myself doing that.  At some point in the afternoon yesterday it started pouring with rain (no snow!) and it's continued, on and off, ever since.  Great for the garden, not so great for gardeners!  I might start a cross stitch project.  I haven't done counted cross stitch for simply ages and I have several unstarted kits in a drawer.  Or I might follow Diane's example and learn to knit socks - it sounds intriguing and it's a skill that I have never learnt in all my years of knitting.  That would mean a trip to Hobbycraft, of course.  Oh, the hardship!!!
Decisions, decisions.

And talking of Diane - without going into details, she's having a very tough time right now and if you feel you can, please pray/send strengthening vibes/etc, in her direction.  Thanks.

I made a good sticky sauce yesterday evening, in which to cook the chicken drumsticks I bought for DG's dinner.  He loves chicken drums!  It was one of those 'see what you have available and bung it in' type of sauces and I wish I had written it down, but I didn't.  It consisted of lemon juice, tomato puree, diet coke, dried mustard, soy sauce, lea and perrins, honey, pepper, a drop of left over rose wine and the fag end of some apple and orange jam that was lurking in a jar in the fridge.  It cooked down to a sticky state over the chicken and - well, lets say there was nothing left this morning.  Even the roasting dish had been scraped!  One to do again for sure!  Maybe over sausages next time.

You can tell it is school holidays, can't you - my blog rambles!

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