Friday, 20 April 2012


. . . and while it's not actually raining right now, it quite obviously has been and it still feels jolly cold.  May 20th and the heating is still clicking on morning and evening at times.  Hopefully it will warm up soon as the evenings are lighter and it would be jolly nice to sit out in the garden.  In the meanwhile, inconvenient as it is, the rain is really rather welcome and the sensible part of me wishes that it would continue for some time to come.  Drought is not a good word and while it's nothing in comparison with the difficulties it causes in some countries, I want to be able to water my garden with a minimum of effort.  Yes, lazy, I know, and I/we have an awful lot to be thankful for, don't we?

I was right about yesterday - morning play was a washout, they came in early at lunchtime and five minutes before home time, as the parents were gathering outside the classroom, the skies blackened ominously and down it tipped yet again!  So outdoor PE was washed off, substituted by maths and I was able to get the science assessment done in the afternoon.  Yay!

I was pleased that my small hob to oven casserole dish arrived.  It should have, given the price of the extra postage for next day delivery, but you never know with our postal service, do you.  I'm really pleased with it and will christen it as soon as I possibly can!  It's plain white so will double as a serving dish as most of my tableware is plain white (not the china though).

As for today - SEN day, loads of paperwork to get sorted, end of the week.  As I'm up stupidly early, I will finish off next week's planning and that will get it off my mind for the weekend!!  And the kitchen needs a tidy and wipe over.

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