Tuesday, 10 April 2012


. . . and the Easter holiday is galloping away at an alarming rate now, sadly.  That always happens - the first half proceeds nice and slowly with plenty of room to breathe and the second half is here and gone in a twinkling of an eye.  Vrooooom . . .  and, yes, it gets worse the older I get.

Yesterday ended up very wet and increasingly windy as the day progressed so I stayed snug and warm inside and pottered.  I made the tomato soup I blogged about yesterday and there's enough for today as well, so that's good.  It's so much nicer than the can of Heinz I was originally planning to have and certainly not more expensive, although whether it is cheaper, I haven't worked out.  I mean, how do you cost out a handful of red lentils, for example?   But generally, home made soup of the homely, non-posh, stock pot kind is a lot better value than buying cans of the stuff and a darn sight more tasty too.  And so easy - just chop it all up, bung it in a pot with liquid, cover, bring to the boil and simmer for a while with seasonings to taste, then blend to your preferred consistency.  I must start making my weekend soup again.  Basically, it's whatever vegetables I have left over at the end of the week (cooked or uncooked), in some sort of stock, usually with lentils added because they thicken and taste good but not always, usually zizzed down, but not always.  It's never the same from one week to the next. 

I didn't get the seeds into the planter, of course, which was a shame, but there's today - or tomorrow - or whenever.  And the garden has received a thorough soaking which is very much a Good Thing.  I do need to put the hose away though.  At the moment it's uncoiled and meandering around the garden after I soaked the beds last week (before the ban, I hasten to add) and it doesn't look 'good' (apart from being untidy anyway).

The pitta pizza I made yesterday (after having it at a friend's house last week) was delicious.  It wouldn't suit if you're the sort of person who likes a deep crust, but I prefer a thin crust and this was so, so easy.  I'll post the recipe (such as it is) in a separate entry.  It was good and filling with a side salad and had bags of taste.  One to do again and again and again . . . thanks again, Liz.  I always come away from lunch at Liz's with a new recipe to try.  This time it was two.

I spent quite a lot of time knitting.  I now have two pairs of socks which are now stashed away in the relevant drawer in my bedroom and I have now started the socks I am making for R.  I suppose it depends on the weather and how much I stay inside today, but I am hoping to have one of the pair made by tomorrow and to be able to send them off by Friday.  Then I need to try a different pattern.  Ribbed or cabled, perhaps.  I will think on it.
I suppose it also depends how wide awake I stay.  Having stayed up watching DVDs until just after midnight, I woke at four thirty, ready to start the day.  Now, that's not enough sleep in anyone's book, so I expect I will be dozing on and off through the day.  Thank goodness for comfy chairs and rubbish TV, great for encouraging drowsiness!

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