Saturday, 7 April 2012

Saturday early evening

Ooooh, I've been a bad girl.  My bank manager is NOT going to be at all pleased with me!  But I've had a good time!

Firstly, the living room is looking quite a lot better.  A bit of putting things away always helps.  Once I've swept the floor it's going to look pretty decent really - slightly cluttered but OK.

After that I went shopping.  Now, how was I to know that Sainsburys had 25% off clothes?  Such a shame and I thought I was very controlled under the circumstances: three T shirts and a long cardigan is hardly breaking the bank at Monte Carlo, let along Chelmsford.  Apart from that I was very good and stuck to my shopping list - er - apart from the magazine and the recipe book (yes, DD, another recipe book) because, after all, it is Easter.  Oh, and the bunches of daffs but they don't count because . . . well, they just don't OK?

Then I decided to pootle along to Wyvale as it's not too far from Sainsburys.  The one thing I really wanted they didn't have but I did get three plants.  I got that replacement for my thyme which hasn't survived the winter and which needed moving anyway, I got a rather nice perennial wallflower which they are obviously developing now in different colours as this is more a pinky orange rather than the glowing purple of the two I already have.  That is going to go in the bed at the front where the honeysuckle used to be because there's a gap there now.  And then I got some English bluebells in a pot.  Now, I'm not sure whether that's 'ethical' or not, but my other bluebells are not English.  The newbies are going in the front, so they don't run up against the others.  I also remembered to get the seeds J and I will need for next half term's science so that's done and crossed off the responsibility list.  And finally I got an anti moth and bug thing to hang from my Redlove Aunty May apple tree.  You never know, it might help!

Then (and this was the big mistake) I decided that as Hobbycraft wasn't so far away from Wyvale, I would go there and get the yarn for those socks I am going to knit for a friend.  Unfortunately, after popping those two balls into my basket, I noticed that they had a 'discontinued' area and I went to look.  Not only did they have some of the Regia yarn I'm using for the socks (although, unfortunately, not the shade my friend wants), they also had some Crofter DK. 
I think I need to draw a veil over what I did after that but suffice it to say there isn't nearly so much yarn on the discontinued shelf as there was before I entered the shop.  And I should have several pairs of hand knit socks to keep my tootsies warm come next winter.

Nice day, eh?

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