Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Good morning, everyone.  No frost today but brrrrr, it's still cold, as I found when I took a few things out to the freezer this morning.  I really should have put something on my feet first!! 

It's ironic that as soon as the hosepipe ban starts, so does the rain!  Yesterday was a beaut - pouring as the children came to school, pouring at morning play, OK at lunchtime and in infant afternoon play we had about five minutes and then it started again, not for long but hard enough to take them all back in again.  Then the wind picked up in the evening and, because of the howling gale blowing through my home, I discovered that the spare bedroom window was open - properly open, not tilt and turn - and there was considerable dampness on the window sill, so goodness knows how long it's been open.  The handle was turned up, right up, not sideways for T&T or down for closed.  Ah well, that'll teach me to check them a bit more often, won't it?  Once the window was closed properly and the heating turned up for a short time, all was warm and cosy again.

Yesterday evening was a bit of a food crash disaster.  I had a proper meal planned but was rather tired (I know, only two days back) and succumbed to the delights of bread, butter, cheese and a few leftover biccies, none of which I particularly enjoyed, but there you go.  Back on the waggon this morning and moving on is the name of the game, for sure.

I'm somewhat addicted to those glossy food mags.  You know the ones - the likes of Delicious, Olive, BBC Good Food, etc.  They're fun to read, relaxing, pleasurable and they have this habit of including 'free' little recipe booklets, some of which are amazingly good.  In the last cycle of mags there were two 'healthy' type booklets, one with thirty recipes in and the other with forty.  One is entitled '30 Healthy Recipes' and the other '40 Low-Fat Recipes'.  You know, there are more useful, sensible, accessible recipes in each of those booklets than in a six month reading of the main mags and I will be using them as a basis for my culinary efforts for the next six months or so.  I can't cook all that often as I have a freezer full of pre-cooked dishes to work through and a desire to be more frugal, but I will definitely be using them.  One has even been christened in the bath, it's so interesting.

And for my reader-friend who thinks I'm weird to find recipes fun to read, ya boo fizz, so there!  :0)

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