Monday, 2 April 2012

Monday morning

It really is the first day of the holidays now, properly the first day, because normally at this time I would be looking through my planning and getting a good idea for a game or other resource that hadn't occurred to be before so madly trying to get it all ready in time!  I do that - it annoys the life out of me at times, but some of my best ideas come at the last minute.  I wish they arrived just a little bit earlier.

So - today.  No idea what I am going to do,  I note that snow (SNOW!!!!???? Eeeek) is predicted for Wednesday, so I may make the most of the fine weather and do some garden stuff while I can.  There's bits and bobs that need tidying up, I want to move some snowdrops to the front, plant some pot bulbs that were beautiful indoors and which can now go into the garden to enjoy for many a Spring to come and dig out some old stuff that is woody and leggy and just too old, including both my purple sage plants.  I don't need two - they were put in for the foliage, when I had the garden redone and very nice they were too, but they're old and have to go.  There's also a very leggy lavender at the front that could do with replacing.  It's umpteen years old, huge and, again, past its best.  The trouble with a small garden is that after a while things just get out of proportion!
I also have to think quite seriously about where I want all my pots to go.  I have the willow planter thingy which can't stay by the shed as it's in the shade but which can't go where it would look best because that's where I put the tomatoes.  I've got to decide where it should go before I add the soil because once the soil/compost is in I won't be able to move it.  I know what I am planing in there - lettuce, carrots and radishes one row each two or three weeks.  There's enough length for three sowings of each, which should avoid too much of a glut, I hope.

I need to make a list of plants to get really, although it is encouraging how much is coming up: one aquilegia hasn't come up for years and years but this year, up it popped.  Such a shame I planted something over it, thinking that it had died! 

I hope the predicted snow doesn't kill stuff . . .

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