Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday morning and April Fools' Day

With a pinch and a punch and a wary look from side to side, I start this blog.  April Fools Day can be a lot of fun at school but today, if I stay inside until after 12, I may avoid the worst!!  There was a choice one on a Facebook page this morning regarding the decision to move Doctor Who on into a new era.  It said this:
It has been announced that the famous Blue TARDIS is to get a makeover in Series 7, during the Christmas Special and go from Blue, to Red. the change is seen as something of a new start for the show, with rumours the TARDIS will turn into a everyday phonebox.
It took me all of rtwenty seconds of shock, horror and 'no, they can't'-ness to remember the date!  Nice one!

Well, as I said, yesterday was nice.  I got some display stuff made and laminated for the new term, I did a wee bit of tidying up and in the evening we had a Witches meeting.  No, not a social knees up, a planning meeting for the Jubilee party.  I think it's all more or less sorted now, all bar the actual doing of it all.  Today is intended to be another easy peasy restful day pottering about at home.  Here's hoping . . .

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