Monday, 16 April 2012


And so here we are, back to work today.  All over Facebook there's the sound of parents clapping their hands in glee.  It's quite sad really from more than one perspective but they're my bread and butter (indirectly, of course, don't be silly) so no complaints - not many anyway!

Here's the little jumper I was talking about yesterday.  Cute isn't it?  And just look at those titchy little socks too.  I hope L likes them.  The clever designer knit look of the patterning is just a result of the yarn colours, nothing to do with me and the matching at the raglan seams is also sheer good luck!

I'm now onto practising those little bunny bootees I was talking about last week.  It all seems fairly straightforward so far, but I will need softer yarn.  Knitted in acrylic, it's very stiff and solid: it's meant to be to some extent, of course, being double knitting yarn and 2.75 needles, but the acrylic makes it very unyielding and harsh for little toes.  Still, this is just a practice and the end product will be made with purpose bought yarn, not with my odds and ends.
And then in between times, I'm getting on with the socks for R too.  Never a dull moment here, you know!

Remember that banana fool recipe that I told you about last week, the one where I wasn't so thrilled as it separated before it was time to eat it?  I mentioned that I had frozen some to see how it reacted.  Well, I got one portion out yesterday to see and I have now renamed it as banana sorbet.  OK, the ice crystals were large because it didn't get its semi-frozen beating to break them up, but now I know it works I will churn it in the ice cream maker before storing in the freezer.  A squeeze of lemon or lime juice should tart it up a bit.  Definitely one to do again and, when I'm feeling lavish, a scoop of it on the banana bread I made and froze should be very tasty indeed, especially with a squidge of maple syrup or caramel sauce.

Enough mental meanderings - I'd better go and have my bath and get my stuff together.  I do not want to be late today!

Edited to add:  I rather fancied a colour change, seeing as winter is over (supposedly) and Spring is springing out all over.

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