Saturday 7 April 2012

Saturday morning

. . . and here I am wearing TWO newly knitted socks and jolly comfortable they are too!  A friend has asked if I will knit her a pair too - it's the colours that have attracted her, not the quality of my knitting, I am sure, but I was very glad to agree.  I like knitting and I won't have to pay for the wool.  I can't lose really, can I?  And the more I do, the fewer mistakes I will make (hopefully!).

I was highly embarrassed yesterday.  I was slobbing around (dressed, fortunately) thinking I really must do something about the state of my home which, I am ashamed to confess, is a right dump at the moment.  No excuses, seeing as I have been off work all week!  suddenly there was a knock at the door.  I'd already had one cold caller and guessed this was another so stormed to the door ready to say 'No thank you, whatever it is, take me off your list, goodbye' only to find that it was a very old (not elderly!!) friend who I haven't seen for ages.  Oh, no!!!!!   Well, she knows me and my little ways and I hope she wasn't too horrified - too bad if she was because we had a nice cuppa and a chat together and I have finally got her email addy which makes it a lot easier for me to keep in touch now. 

As a result, I have deferred my trip to the shops, given the kitchen a good tidy up and am about to start in on the living room.  Can't have that happening again, can I?

The house is smelling delicious.  When I went out to the freezer to get the lasagna for this evenings dinner, I saw a pack of strawberries and blueberries.  I remembered I had a couple of cooking apples in the fridge that need using up and also that I need something for dessert for tomorrow's lunch, so the three fruits are now stewing together over a slow hear and I am deciding whether to make fruit crumble, pie or something cold with some of it.  I'm tending towards crumble right now because it can all be made well in advance and it's a bung in the oven and leave thing.  And DD and DG love crumble.  I think also that I will take off some of the juice to mix with my natural yogurt and reserve some of the fruit for my porridge.
And mmmmmmmm - the house smells gorgeous.

Right, better get on with it, I guess!    Bath and get dressed first, then some housework!  Actually, it goes to show how things have changed - when Mum did the housework (when we were little) she did it first and then had her wash and got changed after it was finished because it was dirty, sweaty work.  It's an awful lot less physical nowadays, isn't it?
And now I MUST stop rambling and get going . . .

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