Wednesday, 25 April 2012


. . . and what a lovely day I had yesterday!  I arrived at school nice and early to find that someone - several someones in fact - had been decorating my bay with banners, balloons and so on.  I have to say it looked really nice and sent the children hyper when they came in!!
Numerous cards, good wishes and presents later, we worked through the day (no playground duty a.m. because it was chucking it down, so sad!!) and just before home time in piled the parents with card, a lovely flower arrangement and a gorgeous basket filled with goodies.  How kind of them!  I took one look at the basket and thought 'knitting' so now it sits in my living room with my knitting projects and current patterns inside.

I forgot to take a photo of the basked before I dismantled it, which I'm cross with myself about, but here's the flower arrangement.

And a few shots of other flowers I received from very kind friends.

Then it was home (it took four journeys to load up the car) and a bit of a relax until DD and DG turned up to make dinner for me.  She made a delicious mix of roasted peppers and red onion with green lentils and feta.  It was scrummy.  She also gave me an invite to the family do on Saturday.  It's at one of the hotels in town and we have a private room.  Ooooooooooooooooh!  So I have that to look forward to now.

So what with all of the above, plus the meal at the Flyer tomorrow evening and the lovely gifts, including vouchers for Waterstones and Hobbycraft (yay to both) and six lovely, extremely fresh eggs . . .
. . . things are good.

And now it's back to reality again.

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