Thursday 19 April 2012


 . . . and it's still raining.  Not hard, I admit, but it's very soggy underfoot and outdoor PE today is in danger of being washed out . .  . yet again.  It's also chilly as I know because I went out to the freezer - twice, as it happens, because I forgot to bring in my cheese and pickle roll for lunch today first time.  My toes are still thawing.

It was PPA yesterday and J and I found that last year's careful theme planning is really paying dividends, as there was precious little to change.  Last week we prepared two weeks of maths planning so that was all done and dusted too.  This half term's theme is one of my favourites, all about germination and plant growth and full of nice, simple, achievable investigations.  Excellent stuff!

I was a bit naughty yesterday.  You see, so many recipes nowadays require (or mention using) a flameproof casserole, one that can go on the hob and then into the oven.  I have a big one, two big ones, in fact, and a middle sized one which also doubles as a very useful steamer, but I don't always want to make large quantities of something and freeze most of it.  As I'm trying to run down my freezer at the moment, that is, in fact, the very last thing I want to do.  I need a smaller hob to oven dish.  Well, I say need, I suppose I mean 'would very much like and use quite a lot' . . .
So I did a search yesterday and found that there were very expensive Le Creuset ones (very heavy, I used to have some decades ago) and Pyroflam.  They both got very good reviews so I went for the cheaper, of course.  Frugal 'R' Us!  I ordered the one litre size which seems to be just the size I want.  OK, so that's not naughty, I hear you say?  Well, the naughty bit was paying rather a lot for the one day delivery, because otherwise it could arrive over the weekend or not and I needed to know where to have it delivered.  So it was a one day delivery, posted to school - and it is arriving today!  Yay!!

Remember that little jumper and socks I posted a photo of a few days ago?  Well, L loved them and posted a photo of her little grandson wearing them yesterday.  How cute he looked, one big smile from ear to ear and very smart too!  I'm really pleased it's turned out so well and am now looking for another pattern to start.  The second sock for R is coming on and should be finished over the weekend so I will need something to take its place.  Ravelry, here I come!!

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