Tuesday, 17 April 2012


It was so cold in my bedroom this morning.  I like to sleep with the window open a little bit (they're tilt and turns so it's quite safe) and close the window if it's going to be very chilly, but although there's no frost, it felt really cold.  The forecast isn't good - rain, rain and more rain today, so I am prepared for indoor playtimes.

The first day back went well.  No-one cried - and nor did the children!!  The children wrote a good diary, their maths was good and generally we had a very positive time.  Nice!  And so on to today . . .

I hope my regular readers like the colour change.  Now that the so-called 'warmer' weather is here and it is certainly a lot brighter, I wanted something to match and I did like the freshness of that background.

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