Saturday 1 October 2011

Saturday - a little bit late.

Not a good photo.  It was taken on my mobile.  It was such a beautiful morning yesterday, with mist hanging on the horizon.
Woke up, croaked around for an hour, went back to bed and had a weird dream about being at school on a very hot, sunny day and then seeing all the juniors out on the field and realising that it was snowing and settling too.  That'll teach me not to read 'The Long Winter' before snoozing!!
I love the 'little house' books.  Forget the TV series, sickly, sticky, saccharine slush that it is.  The books are fantastic and paint such a vivid picture of pioneer life.  Yes, they are children's books, but I love them and keep re-reading them, especially the ones written by Laura herself.  Some of the later ones  lose the simple attraction of the early books, I think.

I managed to finish off Jackie's apples by making some apple sauce (or applesauce, as they say over the Atlantic).  I used some to make some apple muffins, as a substitute for the oil and it worked OK, although the texture is a bit 'pudding-y'.  I think they will dry fast though, without any fat to keep them moist.

I was looking after DG today while DD collected Indigo from the stud.  There has, to quote her blog, been 'rampant mating', so I guess there will be kittens at the beginning of December.  We started off, DG and I, with breakfast - bacon and beans - and I saved the bacon fat to fry my tomatoes in for breakfast tomorrow.  There's nothing nicer than home grown tomatoes fried in bacon fat.  Mmmmm.

The cold is still here, the aches are still here, but I think it's all on the last lap now.  I reckon by Monday I will be bright and breezy again.  However, now that DD and DG have gone, I intend to have a good sleep which should help quite a lot.

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