Wednesday 31 August 2022


Today's garden happy - I had given up on the cucumbers.  After the very hot weather, it just curled up and went brown all over (see that poor leaf top left in the photo).  I was going to have them out but they sent out new growth and, lo and behold, one more cucumber.  Just one and it might not be very nice but fingers crossed.  It is about six inches at the moment so has a bit more growing to do.
Then that really is it because there's no new growth and certainly no flowers.
The Last Cucumber!  :-D
Also - to mark the last day of summer (maybe), for the first time in weeks and weeks, there are no tomatoes to pick this morning.  There are some turning colour but none ready.   Time is passing.

Morning, everyone!  It's a dull and cool start to the day but it was the same yesterday and by eleven the sun was out and it ended up lovely and warm.  I dug out one of my knitted blankets to lay over the quilt and was toasty warm all night and slept very well (for me).

I had fun yesterday although I was a bit spendy . . .
I started off looking round M&S and was tempted by a nice top but when I tried it on it just didn't suit.  I got a couple of planned hair products in Boots and a pair of also planned slippers in Primark before heading off to John Lewis.  I love looking round John Lewis, especially the ground floor with the homewares, etc.

That's when I got spendy.  I found a nice reed diffuser set for one of my Twelve Days gifts, a notebook with a simply gorgeous colour as a gift for a friend and I treated myself to a small hob to oven non-stick pan.  T go with that I also bought a set of pan protectors - I only needed one but they come in sets and, honestly, they have made a huge difference to how long my pots and pans are lasting now.
I also hovered around the posh perfume counters but then remembered how many bottles I already have at home.  Even though most of them are Aldi dupes, I REALLY don't need any more so, with a sigh, I sprayed some on and resolutely turned my back on them.

I pottered around a few more shops, just for fun, but I'd only paid for two hours of parking so headed back to the car.

After breakfast, I did my 'little' < cough > shop in Sainsbury's and got more spendy.  More useful stuff though, clothes for the cold winter to come.  I got a shirt (to wear over a T shirt and leggings, a V neck jumper, a hooded jumper and a gorgeous hooded cardigan.  They are all in muted pastels apart from the hooded jumper which is black and they are all long, bum-covering for vanity and for extra warmth.

The only other lavish thing was a small, boned half leg of lamb.  You don't see small ones very often but this was perfect for me and some leftovers so - treat!  I dearly love roast lamb and hardly ever have it because it is so expensive and, usually, way too much for one.
That's Sunday lunch sorted out.

Then I came home and spent the rest of the day pottering.  It was all very pleasant, especially catching up on the first Only Connect of the new season.  Well up to the usual standard.
And I slept well overnight too.

Today, there's nothing - let's just check - no, nothing at all in the diary so I am going to tackle a bit of clearing, putting away and generally making the place look more presentable.  Before then, however, I am going to try to make my own sushi.  I have all the stuff I need now and the sushi rice is cooked, seasoned and is currently cooling down.  Fingers crossed.  
I've got a sushi mould and the bamboo mat and will try both ways, just to see how it all works.  It might be good, it might be a dismal failure, but I've watched YouTube so - as I said, fingers crossed.

Are you doing anything new today?
Have a good'un, everyone.  Let's make the last day of August a happy one.  xx


  1. It really does feel like the last day of Summer doesn't it, although the forecast is for warmer temperatures over the weekend. I hope the last cucumber does taste nicer than you are expecting it too.

    1. Yes, it really does. It is sunny but not warm really and quite breezy. xx

  2. Here in Florida, it is still summer…I live on the Gulf, so almost always a nice breeze and tons of showers…gorgeous and beautiful…I pay no attention to the weather and seldom have except for snow days when teaching in the north…love your blog..

  3. 'A bit spendy.' I like that expression :)
    Enjoy your carefree day. The nights are drawing in. X

    1. They are. I'm now drawing the curtains quite early; not because it is dark but because the light isn't great. xx

  4. Sainsbury's has some nice clothes in but I'm in between sizes so need to wait just a bit longer before I can buy anything.

    I enjoyed this week's Only Connect and actually did well on both of the connect walls for once. Didn't do so well on the first two rounds though. How well did you do? xx

    1. Terribly - I usually manage to get one but not this week. I was better on the last round but even so . . . xx

  5. We are still in the midst of heat and sun here. I hope we have a few more weeks of nice weather. Winter comes much too quickly here on the prairies.

    After years of having more cukes than we know what to do with, this year they have been extremely sparce. I am blaming the pumpkins which seem to be taking over the garden and the yard at this point.

    God bless.

    1. You do get some fairly extreme weather at time, don't you?
      Interesting that your cucumbers haven't been great this year either. STill, there's always next year! xx

  6. Yeah a cucumber! They must be doing quite well here as husband's work friend has shared several with us. They are very tasty, so crisp and fresh. Glad you had a lovely day.

    1. They're so much nicer than any6 you can buy in the shops, aren't they? xx